Choosing a Marriage Counselor or Couples Therapist

Be certain that your therapist is licensed at the highest level by the state and has at least five years of post-graduate experience.

Choose a therapist who is or has been married. If you have children, choose a therapist who is a parent. Education, experience and training matter greatly, but they are inadequate if the therapist does not also understand marriage and family life as a spouse and parent.

Ask the therapist to explain, before scheduling your first appointment, how he or she works with couples. Their description should make sense.

Choose a therapist with experience. Clinical research shows that years of experience is the single most powerful predictor of a therapist’s effectiveness. The more years in practice, the better.

Gender and/or ethnicity may matter, but the therapist’s competence matters more. You will know within the first session if there is a good “fit” and whether the therapist will be of help to you.

Don’t choose a therapist who is neutral or indifferent about your relationship. Your therapist should be on the side of your marriage or relationship and care about its welfare.

Marriage Counselor or Couples Therapist

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