On Therapy

Therapy is a process, not an event. It is a healthy process that interrupts unhealthy processes both within and between you. The results do not all come at the end. You should see progress as you go along.

It usually takes a crisis to propel someone to seek professional help; but, a crisis is also an opportunity to see important things that were not visible before the crisis occurred, like a couple growing more distant before an affair. We rarely see with such acuity when life is going well.

Two important questions cover a lot of territory: “What is it that I want to be doing that I’m not doing?’ and “What is it that I am doing that I want to stop doing?”

Couples therapy and marriage counseling allow us to see and address what is going on both between and within you in a way that individual therapy cannot.

There is nothing noble about needless suffering. Using an antidepressant is no more a sign of weakness than using a flotation device if you fall off the boat.

A good therapist doesn’t tell couples what to do. What to do should become apparent through the process of therapy. If it doesn’t, then the therapist can offer some suggestions.

Believing that not being in therapy is a sign of mental health or strength is like believing that not going to school is a sign of intelligence.

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