Couples Therapy

At MarriageWorks, couples therapy engages the healthy parts of you and your relationship to address the problems, conflicts, and destructive events that have led you to seek professional help.

From the first session, you and your partner will explore what has led to your problems and what is needed to resolve them. Your therapist will first want to understand why you are seeking help at this time and what is happening from each of your perspectives. Then, with your therapist helping you to stop focusing on what the other is doing and instead focus on what each of you is doing that is perpetuating the conflict and distance between you, a shift occurs from blaming one another to both you seeing and taking personal responsibility for your parts in the unhealthy interactions between you. This leads to lowering defenses, opens up communication and creates an atmosphere/environment for new possibilities and the relationship that you desire.

Marriage Counseling Couples TherapyThe lifeblood of a healthy relationship is good communication and your therapist will enable you to take the conversation between you and your partner much farther and deeper than would ever be possible without therapy.

Our efforts are directed at improving your relationship, not ending it. We understand that the state of your relationship has a powerful effect on your mood: the better your relationship the better you feel! A good/healthy relationship provides a solid base – wind under your wings – and sweetens life.

With a highly skilled and experienced MarriageWorks therapist working to strengthen the healthy, adaptive parts of your selves and your relationship, you can expect your relationship to thrive.

Couples Therapy

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We treat the LGBT community.

You can make day, evening and weekend appointments by contacting us online or by calling our main office at 410 653 8282. Appointments can usually be scheduled within the week. We will discuss fees with you and answer any questions you might have before your first appointment.

Our offices are conveniently located in Pikesville, Baltimore, Towson, Hunt Valley, Columbia, Annapolis and Washington D.C.

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